About Criminals Hall of Fame

The Criminals Hall of Fame Wax Museum first opened in the summer of 1977, and has since become one of Niagara’s long standing “must visit” attractions, located on Victoria Avenue at the Top of Clifton Hill in Niagara’s Attraction District. During a time when there were few attractions in Niagara Falls, two brothers wanted to create an attraction that would appeal to tourists. In order to accomplish this, a survey was created with different subjects and themes to see what people were most interested in.

The Criminals Hall of Fame has grown from 18 masterfully crafted wax replicas of notorious criminals throughout history to now displaying 40 and continues to add to the museum on a yearly basis. Revisit the Old West, Roaring 20’s, Modern Day Crime Scenes and Criminal Habitats, with history that tells each of these villain’s stories.

"Come and explore the best criminals"

Come visit Niagara’s ONLY Wax Museum featuring Crime’s most Memorable Criminals from North America. Explore over 40 sets of criminals in their real habitats and come face to face with the criminals that shocked the public. Some have been romanticized like Bonnie and Clyde or Jesse James. Infamous gangsters like Al Capone and John Gotti have become cultural icons. Others met justice at the end of a rope in front of a firing squad.

While, criminals like the Jack the Ripper slipped into the night never to be identified.

The age-old curiosity remains; what makes these men and women tick?

And how can we be sure they are not walking amongst us?